further links:
Name Discription Country
IWÖ Community of interests for liberal weapon right in Austria Austria
Jagdrecht/Waffenrecht Online   Germany
JPFO Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership USA
KABOOM archive of original pistol graphics, targets and further pistol links Australia
Krumm's Westernschützenhomepage   Germany
Kuratoriums zur Förderung historischer Waffensammlungen   Germany
LEAA The Law Enforcement Alliance of America USA
Liberty Belles Pro gun organisation USA
Link Select Firearm links USA
littlegun.be More than 1800 gun pictures Belgium
Loadbook USA Inc. Reloading data USA
LordVan Tactical, L.L.C Tactical Self-Defense Training USA
M-1911 Pistol Page All about Colts Mod. 1911 Pistol Greece
Malta Shooting Sports.com Sport shooting forum for Malta and Gozo Malta
Matteo Brogi Gun-Photojournalist Italy
meisterschuetzen.net Forum: Meeting point for sport shooter Germany
Mel's Sniper Page   USA
MG0815 Infomation about machine guns USA
muzzle.de Site about collecting free guns Germany
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