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Name Discription Country
Gun and Game Firearms and sporting goods portal USA
Gun Control Net-work .Org Parody site dedicated to the notion that the more defenseless you are, the safer you are from crimes like Dunblane UK
Gun Geek Forum gun forum India
Gun News Daily gun publications USA
Gun Owners of America The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington USA
GUN-BOARD Discussion site for sport shooters and hunters Germany
Gun-Forum   Germany
GunGeek.Net auctions, classifieds, accessories, chat, message boards and more. USA
gunindex.com Internet Firearms Industry & Trade Directory USA
GunLinks.de Searchengine, database and directory for gun related links Germany
Gunmod 2.0 Modifications of airguns Germany
Guns N Stuf Many gun links USA
Guns World Guns from france and the world France
Gunshopfinder.com's Marlin Rifle Page View Photos And Information About Marlin Rifles USA
GunShowOnTheNet.com Collection of gun related links USA
Gunsite Academy, Inc. Firearms training & Shop, Paulden - Arizona 86334 USA
GunSite South Africa Firearms and Tactical Weapons Forum South Africa
gunstuff.com Firearm informations USA
Haa's Guide to Small Arms Ammunition   USA
Handbücher & Manuals für div. Waffen Handbooks and manuals for a lot of firearms Switzerland
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