Name Discription Country
Veriforce Tactical, Inc.  Online ShopTactical Rifle and Gun Acceessories USA
VERSA-POD Shooting Rest System USA
Versatile Gun Rack Co. Gun Racks USA
VFG-Waffenpflege gun cleaning systems Germany
W. C. Wolff Company  Online ShopGun springs USA
Waldon Holster Company Holsters USA
Weigand Scope Mounting Solutions Scope mounts USA
Weiler Optik Shooting glasses Germany
Weinlich GmbH & Co. shooting chrony and sport shooting accessiories Germany
WEL CONSULT GmbH Targets for Airguns Germany
Wicked Grips Exotic handgun grips for 1911 Colts & clones USA
WileyX Shooting glasses (German distributor) Germany
WileyX Shooting glasses USA
William Brown Holster Co. Old West holsters USA
WILSON Tuning-parts USA
Windjammer Tournament Wads Tournament Wads for shotshell ammo, Hastings - NE 68901 USA
WOSTA Tresore Safes Germany
WRB, INC.  Online Shopshooters accessories, Gun Barrel City - TX 75147 USA
Wright's Gunstock Blanks gunstocks cutter, tools and tip &cap wood USA
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